Land Defense

Indigenous peoples have unique food systems adapted to the specific ecosystems of their territories. Women, in particular, are protectors of natural resources and biodiversity.

Unfortunately, indigenous peoples often are discriminated against for being different. Over the centuries, they have been dispossessed of their lands and resources. As a result, they have lost control over their way of living, as environmental pollution makes some of the essential foods for indigenous tribes disappear, such as certain marine species.

Indigenous peoples represent 5% of the world’s population, but they also constitute 15% of the people living in poverty. One of the most effective ways to help them lift themselves out of poverty is to support their efforts to manage their territories.

Around the world, indigenous peoples are paying a heavy price for decades of unsustainable development. The global maelstrom of economic growth has led to increased demand for land and natural resources, with the land of indigenous peoples being a primary target.

As a result, some indigenous peoples are at risk of losing the lands that have historically belonged to them, even before the formation of today’s nations.

The dispossession of land will cause the loss of traditional subsistence practices and the intergenerational transmission of indigenous knowledge It also will undermine the social organization of indigenous tribes, their traditional institutions, and their cultural and spiritual practices. This can lead to even more poverty, food insecurity, social disintegration, and loss of identity and human dignity.

The current stigmatization of indigenous peoples and the criminalization of their activities must stop. Extraction companies continue to attack indigenous spaces around the world, including green investment initiatives.

Biodiversity-rich ecosystems that have been home to indigenous peoples and many marines and terrestrial species are being destroyed.

Land grabbing and invasions lead to massive forced evictions of indigenous peoples from their traditional territories, as well as other flagrant human rights violations.

For these reasons, Haa Xah Tiipe fights for the preservation of the spaces that belong to indigenous tribes. We want to continue working in the defense of the spaces of the indigenous tribes. To achieve this goal, we support tribes like the Comcaac tribe in the formation of their autonomy as an indigenous nation and, therefore, their right to decide on their natural resources and lands.


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Help us to provide a better quality of life to the members of the Comcaac tribe. There are hundreds of older adults, young people, women, and children who need help to get what they need and have qualitu of life.

When you decide to support our cause, you’re helping to promote and protect the cultural heritage and rights of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Latin America. Whether you want to make a one-time donation, a monthly donation, or become a volunteer member of Haa Xah Tiipe, we will be very grateful.

If you want to know more about how to help indigenous peoples, you can contact us.

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