Indigenous communities have the right to defend their identity. For this reason, some indigenous leaders are currently fighting to defend their rights. Some countries have recognized indigenous autonomies, especially in Latin America.

Many countries have modified their national legislation to incorporate the right of indigenous peoples to territorial autonomy. However, this fact is often undermined in practice due to the current dynamic of economic globalization through the dispossession of land by extractive companies.

In most countries, significant challenges still have to be faced before indigenous peoples can exercise their right to self-government.

Reaffirming autonomy is a social, economic, cultural, and political process that goes beyond the recognition and exercise of rights within a defined territorial space. This implies an equal relationship with external actors. Furthermore, true autonomy creates the basis for the sociocultural and political survival of indigenous peoples, recognizing them as peoples with self-determination.

This process is interrelated with all the major challenges indigenous peoples face, such as food resilience, migration from rural to urban centers, and the exercise of free consent. All this will be possible only if indigenous autonomy is strengthened.

The main focus of Haa Xah Tiipe is to strengthen indigenous governments, provide technical assistance, promote debates on the implementation of autonomies, and facilitate the exchange of experiences between regions and indigenous peoples.

We will emphasize the participation of indigenous youth and the systematization of experiences of freedom.

To initiate this goal, we renewed the flag of the Comcaac Nation. We also create license plates for cars and traffic signs with names of Comcaac ancestors. Besides, we issue legal identity documents, all of this under the approval of the Council of Elders.


Participate in this initiative!

Help us to provide a better quality of life to the members of the Comcaac tribe. There are hundreds of older adults, young people, women, and children who need help to get what they need and have qualitu of life.

When you decide to support our cause, you’re helping to promote and protect the cultural heritage and rights of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Latin America. Whether you want to make a one-time donation, a monthly donation, or become a volunteer member of Haa Xah Tiipe, we will be very grateful.

If you want to know more about how to help indigenous peoples, you can contact us.

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